We go to school for the first, what, 18 years of our life, then suddenly get thrown into adulthood where we basically have to teach ourselves how to cope with that (because schools think you’ll need the Pythagoras Theorem before you need to know how a mortgage works and bills and owning a car). We work, earn money to spend on a house, maybe have kids and just sail through life doing the same thing every day until eventually, we die.
Too deep for a first post?

Hi. If you’ve read up until now, welcome to my blog.  I don’t really know why I created a blog, just to vent I suppose. I don’t expect anyone to read it. For years now i’ve been using an online journal called ‘Penzu’ where occasionally i’ve been writing about life, but as I was typing my newest post on there i thought, what about making it public, letting people read it? I would never do that with my Penzu page, there’s far too much on there that i don’t want revealed to the world. Or perhaps just to the one person that reads this. Maybe i’ll share it one day, one day on my death bed so no one can be mad about what i’ve posted.

I wrote the start of this post because I’m currently learning how to be an adult. I left school 2 years ago. Somehow in these first 2 years of being an independent woman (I say that with a smirk on my face, in reality, i suppose I’m a more run down version of Bridget Jones), I have learnt more about life than I did in school.  I’ve learnt how to rent a house, pay bills, own my first and second car, deal with insurance and now I’m even saving up to BUY a house.  In school, the most we learnt about actual life was probably the best paid jobs and how not to get an STD. Here I am, not a doctor or lawyer, and currently have no STD’s, so i suppose school did teach me one thing.

I can’t imagine this blog will be much interest to a lot of you, but if it is then thank you very much for entertaining me, and thank you for listening to me ramble on.

Sod the glamour and beauty posts, this is how a real 19 year old lives (if you can class binge watching episodes until you imagine vampires in your back garden, living).


Yep, a more run down version of Bridget Jones.









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